Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Wanted..Smith & Brown

No2ID and Privacy International have launched a new campaign and are offering £1000 reward for anyone supplying the fingerprints of Jaqui Smith and Gordon Brown on the grounds that they are demanding ours for their ridiculous and dangerous ID scheme.

Should the campaign be successful, the idea is to publish the prints on the interweb so that they become public property as our prints will be should we submit to the scheming duo's plan for everyone to be on a National Security Database.

Ok, it's a publicity stunt - but an amusing one. Should you spot either the Home Secretary or the PM in one of Millbrook's drinking establishments, remember to nick their glass after they've finished and send it to No2ID to claim your reward!

Thanks to BathNick for publicising this campaign on his blog "BathNStuff" at and thereby bringing it to my attention. The poster above can be downloaded at so you can print it for display if such should be your wont.

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