Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Advance notice...The Millbrooker's second radio appearance

I know full well that most readers work during the hours of daylight when The Simon Pauley Morning Show is aired on Insight Radio.

For those who are retired, throwing a sicky, on holiday or taking a rest day; for those who have the (inexplicable) desire to listen to my rabbiting on about climbing aboard a tandem over the airwaves...

The first "Insight Endeavour" proper is due for broadcast this Friday. The piece is scheduled to go out at about 10:10 and will be about 6 or 7 minutes long.

So - if you live in Glasgow, you not only have my sympathy, but you can tune in to the FM signal; if you don't live in Glasgow you can try Sky channel something or other ; if you (very sensibly) refuse to have anything to do with the Murdoch empire and don't have Sky you can listen online by visiting clicking on the "Listen Now Online" link.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Insight Radio website has been hacked and almost totally destroyed in the last few days, so the only way to listen, until the site has been both mended and secured, is by following this link

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