Monday, August 18, 2008

The Sump Does 50

Mrs The Millbrooker and I were very pleased to be asked along on Saturday last to a surprise party at the D&C which had been organised by Mrs The Sump to celebrate The Sump's half century.I think everyone got there before yours truly because I'd had to work until mid evening, so the do was in full swing as I tried to creep quietly into the upstairs function room. I failed to do anything quietly by dint of whacking my head on the low slung door frame on the way in. Hey ho.

The room was packed with The Sump's nearest and dearest along with a smattering of Millbrook's finest including Dong, Shazzerooneypoos and Frankenkeith. As we hadn't met the Sump clan en-masse before, I can't do name checks. I can only say that they all seemed to be having a whale of a time.

The shot above shows The Sump himself (or part of him) displaying his present from Dong, Shazzerooneypoos, and us Millbrooker Towers dwellers. The present was put to good use almost immediately, and got repeated use throughout the evening, as shown in this shot taken in the bar a short while later:

Mrs The Sump had organised some excellent sounds from a disco in the main bar, lots of great rock (and some bleedin' awful Abba, but you can't have it all). Dong was sufficiently enthused to grab the Little Lush Lewis for a quick twirl around the carpet (it's the D&C, they haven't got a dance floor). The historic foxtrot is seen in action below, keenly observed by Ralphie Winsor from his safe position behind the amps.
Not long after the dynamic Dong left the floor complete with small Shazzer for another bracener at the bar, the DJ stuck on a song I haven't heard for umpteen years. Golden Earring's Radar Love brought The Sump and Mrs The Sump swiftly onto centre stage.I'm only guessing, but I reckon he played the extended album version; The Sump looked quite worn out by the time we'd been "drivin' all night" with "hands wet on the wheel" for the seven hundred and twentieth time.

Courtesy of having to work loads and loads of hours at the moment in order to help convert the Millbrooker Towers finances into something that resembles something a little less Northern Rock-ish, we had to depart the still swinging do at a far too sensible hour. I've heard that everyone kept on rocking and having a great time, so that's all to the good.

A big thank you to Mrs The Sump for inviting us and to The Sump for letting us stay after he discovered we were there. We had a ball.


I only have a couple of other wee things to mention. Rob Page was enjoying a little drinky in the bar and chatting to one of his chums when Frankenkeith joined them during the evening for more chatting. I took a quick shot to show that Frankenkeith was there (we haven't seen enough of him lately, so I had to record the moment).

Rob was quite worried that he might appear in these pages whilst not looking his best. You'll have to judge that for yourselves. He's the one facing the camera.

I think I also ought to feature the Sump Towers residents' impossibly cute grand-daughter, who has to be shown in her fairy outfit:
Oh, and did I mention that Rob Page was there?

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