Friday, August 15, 2008

After burner

Depitty Dawg is off on his travels again, this time he's accompanying his Grandma on a week's sojourn to Alsace where his Auntie Anne lives in bucolic splendour amongst the vines. Unless she's moved into town again recently, which I think she might have done.

The young travel-hound sometimes likes to bring back presents from his adventures, and I was the lucky recipient of a bottle of fire after his trip to Mauritius.

Now, I'm quite fond of a decent strength chilli; I've been known to spread cayenne pepper onto bread before adding cheese for toasting. I usually regret this the following day unless Mrs The Millbrooker has remembered to put some loo roll in the fridge for me.

These little fellows, though, are in a league of their own. I took one from the neck of the re-used rum bottle just to check them out; after trying it on my tongue for a second or two I was in some considerable pain. I think I'll have to use these very sparingly indeed.

Thank you, DD. I think.

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