Monday, August 18, 2008

New Parents Leave Baby Shocker

'twas a couple of nights back that Dozybean and Yarmatt left Wriggly Baby in the capable hands of his Nana Mrs The Millbrooker for a few hours.

They had decided to spend the some of the evening in the Theatre Royal, Plymouth enjoying Matthew Bourne's choreography of "A Picture of Dorian Gray". A terrific show by all accounts (including theirs).

This wee posting is only really an excuse to show that Dozybean scrubs up rather nicely when there's a posh frock and a well turned out YarMatt to hand, so here's the evidence.

Mmmm, a dress without sick down it and a penguin suit without baby drool shining from the lapel. What a change - nicely done, Dozybean and YarMatt, glad you enjoyed yourselves.

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