Sunday, December 14, 2008

Busy Busy Busy

Millbrooker Towers is in its traditional pre-Christmas chaos.

Along with many households spread throughout Millbrook (and, I suppose, the rest of the country - not that anywhere else really matters), we're trying to get everything together so we can celebrate Saturnalia in the usual manner.

We do , finally, have tree. Thanks to Jo Widdicombe for finding us a decent 8 footer with short notice.

It's still in its naked state, but we should get some lights and baubles on it by Monday:
Some of our new design Christmas cards are ready for printing (most of you will know we're far too skinflintish to actually buy cards).

We've ordered the venison from Mr Voisin for Christmas Day feasting and plans for a starter of lemony fishy thing are well underway. The foundations for building the Christmas pudding, however, are still unlaid.

We're having a "secondhand or homemade" Christmas this year - what with thrift being the new black. Or something.

Every present has to be either one or the other; this has made shopping a bit more problematic this year, but it's also made it a lot cheaper. Huzzah!

It won't be giving away any secrets because no one who gets such presents from us reads this nonsense - so here's one present that's going to its new home this afternoon as we mark the Yule with Rosemary and Harry:
Yep - a smashing example of one of Mrs The Millbrooker's legendary and extraordinarily brandy saturated Christmas cakes. Do not attempt to drive or operate heavy machinery after a chunk or or two of the rich and fruity interior, but you should be safe enough if you stick to nibbling a bit of Father Christmas.
Anyway, all this pre-festive rush has left me very little time for writing drivel for the enjoyment of the masses (ok - the few); sorry for the paucity of posting; there should be some more tomorrow, all about an afternoon in delightful Duloe and possibly about a packed film club; we're expected a full house for Pedro Almodovar's "All About My Mother".

To sign off for the day - here's another home made jobby for giving away to the unsuspecting:
It's another of Mrs The Millbrooker's concoctions, this time made with all sorts of yummy warming spices, honey and vodka. I wouldn't mind a bottle of that myself, and I've seen how it's made.
Chin chin.

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