Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Time Has Been Called

This will be extremely old news to just about everyone in Millbrook, but for the non-Millbrookians amongst you, I have to impart the news that our fair village now has one pub fewer than it did before.

It's widely known that Mrs The Millbrooker and I haven't frequented the Mark of Friendship since the 1st of July 2007 after a bit of a falling out with Jenny (which had nothing to do with the smoking ban and everything to do with a bucket of cold water).

However, no one would wish a business failure on any local sole trader, and it's with some sadness that The Daily(ish) Millbrook says au revoir to the stewardship of Jenny and Arkwright at the 'Ark. I can only hope that anyone taking over the business fares better and brings new ideas and a welcoming face to what was always our favourite pub in the village.

Here's Arkwright in happier days, doing what he does very well indeed, with a very young looking and fast moving Ollie helping behind the bar:

In the interests of the village as a whole I certainly hope that someone is found to take up the reins at The 'Ark sooner rather than later. Millbrook needs its three drinking establishments to remain open, vibrant and welcoming; the most important of those things being "open".

Any community that starts to lose its central meeting places - pubs, post office, church - starts to lose its entire sense of cohesion, and ends up as nothing more than a bunch of houses in the same place: suburbia without a soul.

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