Wednesday, January 28, 2009

And the next presentation...

A very quick note to film clubbers -

This Sunday's presentation has arrived on the Millbrooker Towers doormat and it's Alex Cox's 1984 sci-fi-cum-comedy-cum-action film Repo Man.Hey - it's in English, this time, folks.
The bottle count will need to be even lower again this week, coz yours truly is up and out of bed on Monday morning for a day's wage-slavery; not to mention that I'll have just done back-to-back ten hour shifts on Saturday and Sunday. None of which means we won't enjoy ourselves, but I'll need to set my self restraint dial closer to reality.
See you there.

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Frankenkeith said...

Hi Joshua,
I hope you all felt better than I did this morning. You can tell I am having a quiet day because I have sent you a link to a BBC page.
Item 2 is for Dong (he probably knows it already) about the origin of a Bob Dylan song. Item 5 is for you; the death of the director of one of your favorite films.
See you soon. Frankenkeith.