Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Slocombe of Millbrook

I have a feeling that most people who read these drivellings more than once in a blue moon might be of an age to remember Are You Being Served in all its dreadful, smutty, corny, innuendo-laden glory.

On Sunday last, we had our own Mrs Slocombe moment in Millbrooker Towers as one of our film clubbers failed to watch his words whilst stroking Trelawney...
... and addressed Mrs The Millbrooker with the immortal line
"You have a lovely pussy."

Cue ribald laughter all around and one blushing film clubber, who shall remain nameless to spare his blushes, except that he shall be known henceforth in this parish as Slocombe of Millbrook. (Unless I come up with something better...)

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