Thursday, January 29, 2009

Goughie Next For The St John Inn

Dan Bettinson, he of The St John Inn fame, seems to have noticed my bletherings on these pages and has sent a comment to my write up of Frankenkeith and me trogging off to see Graham Gooch back in October last year.

The comment is very exciting for us cricket lovers; the Inn has managed to get another star of the willow and leather brigade to agree to the trek into our fair corner of the land and give a speech about hurling 5oz of hard-red-round-thing down 22 yards of closely cropped grass and slashing at it with a plank of wood. God, I love cricket.

Yes - it's former England fast bowler and more recent (and far less interestingly) twinkle-toed Strictly Come Dancing winner, Darren "The Dazzler" Gough.Goughie was an England test team fixture from his debut in 1994 until a knee injury forced him out in 2003 by which time he'd taken 229 scalps at an average of 28.39; making him a damned fine bowler by anyone's standards. He continued playing ODIs and at county level, finally calling it a day only last season.

As yet the date of The Dazzler's appearance at the St John Inn is unknown, but it's expected to be in April. Watch this space, I'm sure young Mr Bettinson will let me know when the date's confirmed, if for no other reason than unless I'm away there'll be at least one ticket sale immediately (and probably two if Frankenkeith's around).

Anyone else interested - let me know, or contact the St John Inn direct on 01752 822280.

Now, I never did collect the photo of me with Goochie, I wonder if they still have it?

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