Friday, March 20, 2009

Ham, Steak & Chips

Every month the young Mr Ham of Millbrook's favourite drinking den and eatery, the D&C*, conjures up his culinary magic in the form of steak night.

Mrs The Millbrooker and I last attended one of these carnivores' paradises in December; we had to miss January and February's meetings of Dead Cow Lovers Anonymous (which is not an organisation in favour of necrophilia with the bovine species; I'm sure we all have our own little minor deviations, but let's not get silly or distasteful). Actually it's a tad unfair to refer to steak night as being of interest only to beef fanciers; Russell and Mark offer salmon and Quorn on these occasions for those whose constitution or simple personal preference precludes seared steer.

This week saw March's gathering of red meat aficionados and the Small Shazzer had organised a table for us to dine alongside Dong and her Uncle Barry and Auntie Soo (does she know Sooty?).As can be seen, Uncle Bazzer (opposite yours truly) frequents the same barber as I do; for the same reasons, one suspects. Reasons that Dong might want to consider as he looks downwards towards his rare rump.

Happily both Auntie Soo and Shazzerooneypoos still sport full heads of hair and can be expected to do so for the foreseeable future, male pattern baldness not normally affecting women of the Harvey/Lewis family.

On to the food. Of course it was good; it's always good. Russell knows how to get a blue steak onto your plate whilst it's still hot. And as for the value - with a pint per person or a bottle of wine between two included, you can't go wrong.

As we've come to expect the place was full of Millbrookians happily poking Russell's delicious fare into their faces: Liability and Comb-Over were spotted at a different table; The Sump and Elle Sumpetta made a brief appearance (delivering a cheque for me to post to RP Fighting Blindness from the Lions from my January 1st dip).

So - yet another jolly good time was had by all; four pints of Otter sent me home in merry mood to go with my pleasantly full tummy. A big thank you to Little Lush Lewis for organising us and a "nice-to-meet-you" to Uncle B and Auntie Soo (who looks nothing like a panda glove puppet, no matter what Sharon says).

Now - about that diet I was on....

*The D&C's website link: the menu is a bit out of date on the site, but it's actually got better. All the contact details are the same. Tuesday night is Curry Night and should not be missed if you're in the area - book ahead, though!

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