Saturday, March 28, 2009

Tyler Might be Smiling. A Rant.

As the crowds gather in our capital today to show their anger, disappointment, disillusion and sheer frustration, my mind casts back to the days when I took to the streets in the late 70s and early 80s. I took to the streets later, too when a corrupt, trough-swilling bunch of quasi-criminals ran the country (hmmm...sound familiar?) and tried to impose the unjust and hated poll tax. I also have the honour of having been arrested for ceremonially cutting the wire at Aldermaston during the cruise missile CND marches.Perhaps with the marches due to take place in London through the week we're about to see the rebirth of people standing up and saying "NO" to the wealthy, power hungry, greedy and self-serving bastards in charge; many of these people to whom I refer are not even elected, are not in government - but they run the country through their lick-spittle lackeys like Brown, Darling and Straw all the same.We need to be out throwing shoes at the shameful creeps (I love the shoe throwing stuff), or like the Icelanders we need to be banging pots 24 hours a day outside their houses and outside parliament. They can't put us all in jail.

No one laughed louder than me when "Sir" Fred Goodwin said he was "shaken" by the attack on his house last week; what the hell did he expect? The unemployed and the disadvantaged to think he and his ilk deserve their ill gotten gains? Next time I hope they burn the place to the ground along with the rest of "his" properties.

I think it's time even us partially-sighted old(er) timers started shouting again. Anyone else?

Somewhere, in the distance, I think I see Wat Tyler smiling. I do hope so.


And Tyler smiles...

At an angry crowd stretching miles and miles

Six hundred years, and the lesson wasn't learned.

And Tyler smiles...

Through a hail of bricks and stones and tiles

History turns back, the worm has turned;

Retribution earned.

(Attila the Stockbroker)

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