Wednesday, April 08, 2009

The Birthday Season Is Now In Full Swing

Yesterday was Shazzerooneypoos' turn to be Queen for the Day as she celebrating reaching the grand old age of 3 (see previous posting for how to calculate an age so you're never more than 9).

The goings on for the evening started off at Shazzer Mansions with plenty of slurring juice so we had an excuse for failing to make sense for the rest of the night.

Auntie Sharon graciously received tribute from her assembled kith and kin, like this intriguing cage to make sure that tea lights can't escape without forming an escape committee and working on their tunneling skills.

The chap on the left of shot is Shazzerooneypoos' old boy; her mum's a bit further left again and thus missed worldwide fame on these pages.

After an hour and a bit of slurping our way through some of Little Lush Lewis's wine cellar we trogged merrily downhill to the D&C for Russell's famed Curry Night where a table for umpteen celebrants had been set aside.

Here we have Dorothy, Shazzer and her bro' Jed before the grub arrived.

Naturally there was some toasting to be done...

The Sump arrived to deliver a card and decided to stop and enjoy a chat and a pint; he very kindly took control of the camera and has provided possibly the least flattering shot of pretty much everybody that could have been achieved without pre-arrangement.

L-R we have Dorothy, The Birthday Girl, Jed, his other (better?) half Anne, yours truly, Mrs The Millbrooker, Liability Meeson, Dong and Arbuthnot. Just in case any Gigspannerers are reading, all of this lot are now on the list for me to order tickets for the 19th June (along with a few others).

Jed has agreed to take me climbing next Friday for an Insight Adventure; Dong's decided to come along and do some dangling about too. This should be fun.

But I digress; a huge thank you to Shazzerooneypoos for inviting us along and I'm sure everyone will join me in wishing her a very happy birthday week.

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