Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Mr Angry of Millbrook

Our dear friends at the high end of government and the almost equally high end of HM's opposition, not to mention the rapidly right-swinging Liberal Dumbercrats are all arguing about what to cut, how to wield a massive axe on services and provisions for the people whom they are elected to represent.
There's a simple word to describe this: bastards. Not one of the inadequate "leaders" has the faintest idea what it's like to work and try to survive on below the average salary, currently about £24,000 per year (let alone on minimum wage or on much needed benefits), but they claim to have the right to reduce the standard of living for those of us who do. Cameron is a genuine silver spooner; Clegg is a fabulously wealthy ex-public schoolboy; Brown has been very well paid for almost all of his adult life for his political pontifications. They will not lose even the tiniest shred of comfort from their money-cushioned lives under any expenditure cutting regime.
And they all have the sheer barefaced cheek to say we need "pay freezes" in the public sector (some of the lowest paid employees in the country); that we need to cut the services used and needed by the worst off.
Meanwhile the extremely wealthy financiers who caused the current global crisis are sitting pretty on enormous personal wealth; the tax-payer owned banks are still paying seven figure salaries and equally large bonuses - of OUR money to complacent, stupendously rich and undeserving gluttons. Needless to say, these people are also, simply put, bastards. Greedy, unprincipled bastards. These people are the ones our "leaders" are still sucking up to and failing utterly to challenge.
Now what's the fair, obvious and equitable way to fund the deficit that the country's finances have? The men on the photos and all their cohorts say we must take from the lowest end of society to plug the gap. This is complete nonsense; it plays into the old adage that "to make a poor man work harder, you pay him less; to make a rich man work harder, you pay him more". How dare they?
Obviously, the fair thing to do is to introduce a national maximum wage by introducing punitive tax rates on very high incomes: take from the richest to fund the disaster that they have caused. The actual figure of a maximum is, of course, arguable. Current thinking would put it at about 20 times the national average; that would make it about £480,000 per year. Can't manage on that? You ain't trying. My heart bleeds for you.
Don't feel enough incentive to work hard for nearly half a million quid a year? Threatening to leave the country? Good. Fuck off, and leave your ill-gotten gains behind to help repair the damage you've done. We don't want you here. Leave your passport on the way out; we don't want you back either.
People will argue that the highest paid are the "risk takers" who should be well rewarded. Tell me where the risk is when, after a single year's work, you have £7million in the bank? In your own personal account. From then on you're never taking a risk with your own security, only with that of the people who work hard to keep you in ever increasing luxury - you're never ever going to want for anything necessary again (how many yachts do you need?). That's no risk at all.

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