Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wenders Wending The Road to Recovery

Mrs The Millbrooker and my mate, Wenders of Somerset, has sent me some photos of her impressive new hair do; specifically (and I quote) " for your blog".

Wenders has been undergoing the delightful medical miracle that is chemotherapy and is now keen to show the world her almost completely undetectable syrup. In fact, judging by the traditionally scary Wenders expression there's something of the "I dare you to spot the syrup" about this shot.Personally, I wouldn't dare for all the tea in China. I quake within my boots.

The detectability of the "natural" rug gets a tiny bit easier with Wenders' second choice of disguise. I think the chemo might have affected her sense of the calendar.The series of shots, of course, culminates in Wenders actually looking gloriously slappy and, frankly, infinitely better than posing with a syrup or a Father Christmas hat. I suspect that my method of attaining a nice smooth pate (a razor, some shaving gel and a nice hot shower) is considerably more comfortable than Wenders' and I'm sure that everyone will join Mrs The Millbrooker and me in sending the very best of wishes to the lady with the polished scalp. We can't be with you in person, Wenders, but we're thinking of you.

Keep fighting, get well soon; Millbrook awaits your next visit with bated breath.

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