Monday, September 07, 2009

Mr B's response

Stumbling downstairs this morning after the better part of 36 hours sweating and grumbling in bed with a temperature around 102° (that'll be in old money, otherwise I wouldn't be sitting here writing this), I opened the old email inbox to find a note from Mr B.

"...I was having a quick look at the blog this morning and loved the guitar piece by Soig Siberil (one handed) I feel that you must have a listen to this by Antonio Forcioni. It must be the best rendition of ' I heard it through the grapevine ' I've ever heard - also having a passion for the acoustic Spanish guitar......"

I took Mr B's advice, clicked on the link he'd helpfully included and he's right - this is a class A performance. To my shame I'd never heard of Antonio Forcioni before, but I will be looking out for him.

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