Monday, September 07, 2009

The Winner With The Grin

There was an increasingly rare sighting of a Cousin Dave in Millbrook on Saturday night when he and his beloved Penny Potter descended upon Millbrooker Towers for a night of merrymaking and munching burgers.

Seen here L-R in Millbrooker Towers' sitting room are Mrs The Millbrooker, Penny Potter, Cousin Dave, The Wizzers of Soz, Matt in the Cat and Dong.Rather pleasingly my remote controlled fart machine (oh yes, I do have one) which I'd carefully hidden behind the teddy between Dave and Wizzers was malfunctioning all evening and simply farted at random moments without input or remote-button pressing.

I've not re-surfaced since bedtime that night until this morning due to being poorly; I'm quite amused to find it's still doing so as I write, so it's been farting away to itself for 42 hours now.

Anyway - the reason for the Plymouth-dwelling cousin's visitation, apart from being invited to eat lamb burgers and spicy potato wedges à la Millbrooker was to present Shazzerooneypoos with her raffle prize.

Dorothy (who wanted to win sooo much) is advised to look away now.

Before handing over the magnificent Glass Wave, Cousin Dave got a in a quick snog with the Little Lush Lewis; note the not very large height difference. I'm given to understand that physical stature is no bar to artistic achievement.Dribbling on each others' chins done with; Auntie Sharon was a very happy raffle winner......and the cheesy "I won, I won" expression barely left her little physog for the rest of the evening. The unwrapping of the coveted objet d'art took a short while due its being VERY carefully encased in enough protective material to envelope the Isle of Wight......, but the job was finally done. Here's Shazzerooneypoos a moment or two after clapping eyes on her new work of art in the flesh for the first time.I should note that the photos on this posting really don't do Glass Wave any sort of justice; it's a magnificent piece. There's a much better (and much more professional) shot of the work on my earlier posting here.

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