Thursday, September 10, 2009

Smallington Towers Still Inhabited By Small People

Yesterday was my first glimpse of the world outside of Millbrooker Towers since Saturday. I headed into West Street to pay Simon at Millbrook News the daily coinage in return for a copy of the Grauniad - oh my, but I know how to live it up during convalescence. Met Mr B briefly outside the Co-op and we chatted about guitarists and how, when you see or hear someone as good as Soïg Sibéril or Antonio Forcioni, you begin to realise that no matter how hard you practice, no matter how many hours you put in - you're never going to be that good.

Not only did I get the 'paper myself (instead of looking pathetic until Mrs The Millbrooker did the errand), but I decided I was well enough to accompany the womenfolk on a visit to Smallington Towers in Plymouth.

On arrival, the young Intoeverythingsworth was nowhere to be seen as he was having a nap upstairs. There was plenty of evidence of his incumbency as Mess-Maker-In-Chief, though.
And there was some evidence of his mummy's yogic ambitions.

Once I've seen Dozybean completing a full lotus and successfully piloting herself in a yogic flying session, I'll be able to recommend the DVD above. Until then, I must simply claim that I have no knowledge whatever of its efficacy in promoting former stupid vegetarians into healthful bending and alarming elasticity. As it's presented by Shiva, though, it must have a certain, elevated, je ne sais quoi.

'Ere long there was a grumping noise from the baby monitor indicating Intoeverythingsworth's return to consciousness and shortly thereafter he made his entrance. Here's the Lord of Chaos slicing a path towards centre-of-attention between his Auntie Lils (left) and Mrs The Millbrooker (on the sofa).The L of C indulged in some light diplomatic talks with Auntie Lils in which he made considerable use of the word "dooah" and did lots of pointing. He's good at pointing and saying "dooah", you know.We were treated to a variety of activities, most of which seemed to involve being pointed at, given something and responding to "dooah".

Auntie Wizzers of Soz had been to the shops and found a new outfit for the young Lord of Chaos, which he kindly modelled whilst performing the legendary pointy dooah dance.'Twas but a short visit: a swift munching of lunch prepped by Dozybean's own fair hand, two cups of tea and the time depart was upon us.

Thanks for the hospitality to the Smallington Towers dwellers; see you again soon.

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Anonymous said...

I feel I should point out that the yoga DVD (and assorted yoga-bumf lying around the house) has nothing to do with ex-vegetarians. The sudden interest in contortion is YarMatt's latest kick, and if you're fool enough to believe I'd go anywhere near something that might require physical prowess I have a bridge to sell you.

The Lord of Chaos says 'dooah' and points in your general direction.

See you soon,