Wednesday, September 02, 2009

A Spot of Music Sharing

Last week, when Fiddling Peter came to town I mentioned to him that another musicianly acquaintance called Peter once lived a couple of doors away from my dear sainted mother.

This resulted in quite a lot of my spotty adolescent years being interrupted by rock gods being invited in for a cuppa by my old dear, who had pretty well no idea at all who any of these people were. Fish from Marillion, for example (although he tended not to be in full war paint during tea sipping and sponge cake munching).Fiddling Peter didn't know about either my dear old mum or her erstwhile neighbour, the other Peter (Hammill) - so just in case he or Debs reads this utter nonsense, here's a video of Peter H giving what has to be one of the most stunning vocal performances of recent years; uncharacteristically he's fronting a full orchestra (more normally there's a prog rock outfit) - this performance was back when he still lived in Freshford (both my parents' and Peter's house can be seen in this old shot)......although I'd moved on; it wouldn't surprise me at all to find that he'd dropped in for a cuppa the next day.

If you liked this - there's loads more of Peter H's work on YouTube, but he'd probably be grateful if you bought a CD or two instead. As, undoubtedly, would Fish.

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