Thursday, January 07, 2010

We Can Rebuild Him

New Flash - Latest news about Dong.

After a text a couple of days back from Shazzerooneypoos which read:

"...had reconstruction op. Went well but over 4 hours. He very dozy at mo [editors note - no change there, then] ... Surgeon pleased with outcome. "

The latest is that Millbrook's newest answer to Steve Austin will be arriving back to the civilised surroundings of our fair village in the Little Lush's Limo sometime tomorrow. Huzzah!

He'll be a tad on the immobile side for a while, so we can't expect to see him staggering between his favourite hostelries in the near future, but as an aid to identification, for those who've not spotted a Dong in some time, I'm delighted to publish some before and after photos of pre-op Dong and post-op Dong:



(note Cornish Air Ambulance in background during rehearsals for
future Dong based dramas)

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