Thursday, January 07, 2010

A New Code Word

Some readers will know that we have Dozybean and Loki residing with us at the moment; anxiously awaiting the go-ahead to move into a flat of their own in the coming couple of weeks or so.

Equally, some readers might remember the family discussions about what us grandparents wanted to be known as by the, then, impending infant.

To recap: Mrs the Millbrooker chose "Nana"; Nigel (Loki's maternal grandfather) chose "Grandpa"; Milly chose "Great Nana" and then changed her mind to "Grannan" after I started calling her Great 'nana (note pronunciation altering apostrophe).

And...then there was the big wally who decided he'd like to be called "Dragon Lord". That'll be me then. Here I am looking surprisingly grandfatherly considering I was at Film Club and probably half cut at the time.Loki is just starting to get his tongue around the multiple syllables of Dragon Lord and it currently sounds something like "Dallalllolloollllallolalolol". Sometimes he simply calls me "door". I should point out that he gleefully shouts "Nana" at the least provocation and with immaculate pronunciation. Draw your own conclusions.

Another word that Loki manages (and rather better than he manages "Dragon Lord") is "juice", which emerges as something like "dthoosth".

He's also learnt that Dragon Lords have a special "dthoosth". Ladies and gentlemen, please feast your eyes on a glass of Dragon Juice (as it happens, next to a Dragon Lord's special dragon-droving hat).

Just as an aside to this slightly ridiculous wittering of an obviously bewildered middle-aged bloke, Loki is also learning to "jump". Do please judge for yourselves how successful the wee tyke is being from this video taken in the Millbrooker Towers kitchen. I think the second attempt is definitely the best. (If you have any difficulty viewing the video below, please click here which will redirect you to YouTube).

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