Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Some Panto Pics

Well, like I suggested in my last scribblings, time is at a distinct premium at the moment.

I suspect that most readers are heartily fed up with the endless drivel about Snow White up at Maker last week; but truthfully it's taken up so much of my time that I've done and seen precious little else since about the 12th of Feb.

This won't be the very final piece about board treading, I'm recording an Insight Radio piece on Thursday all about coping with being a vertically challenged dwarf with a visual impairment. As soon as I get a copy I'll stick it on a podcast and it'll be on these pages.
I'll take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to everyone who worked so hard to make the panto happen; I'd not been on the stage for ten years and I'd not realised how much I missed it - what a team we all made in the end after numerous shambolic rehearsals. I'm very proud to have been counted amongst the ranks of "Dwarves United" in the green room.
And a thank you as well to those who made the trek up Maker Lane to the dark recesses of Maker Camp's Energy Room to watch our efforts; to boo and hiss in the right places and to make plenty of noise just like a panto audience should.
Meanwhile, rehearsals are already underway for a production at Maker on 22/23 April (definitely one of those dates, possibly both). It will be a long way removed from pantomime, and I'm keeping the project's title under wraps at the moment until I get the performing rights licence. Please keep the dates free, though, I'd be delighted (as would my bank manager) to see you there.
So - here's a selection of photos from dress rehearsals and performances of Snow White; It think it's safe to say that everyone had a whale of a time and I believe there's talk of putting on a show next year. (Thanks to Tricia, Earless of Rame, for the first six of the photos below which I have shamelessly stolen from her Flickr site and to Mrs The Millbrooker who loyally turned up to watch on the Thursday night and took the rest of the shots below).

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