Monday, November 08, 2010

It's Panto Time Again

Readers of sufficiently long standing might recall last February's action-packed postings featuring Jo Ayre's directorial triumph at Maker - Snow White with possibly the tallest set of dwarves in Christendom.

Readers of slightly less long standing and with more time on their hands than is strictly decent can click the links above find out a bit about it.

Yesterday, it all began again as young Jo held a read-through mass audition for Aladdin to be performed in February half term next year.

And so I found myself venturing upwards to Maker and the Random Arms, with its welcoming door signage.
Within, with the Random's wood burner glowing nicely, was a cosy scene of potential thesps reading scripts and deciding what roles might be suitable to audition for.
As I discovered, this version of the Aladdin story, is a slight variation on the traditional pantomime. There is no Widow Twankee, nor yet a Wishee-Washee. I'm pleased to note that there is definitely an Aladdin. And a genie. And a Noel Edmunds.

Jo (centre in the shot above) got us all to write down one or two roles that we'd like to be considered for and then we got on with reading selected excerpts as close to "in character" as a first-sight reading might allow. I think I'm going to end up as either the villain ("Sudoku", an evil magician - boo! hiss!) or as the dame (Margerina, a very large, violent and butch handmaiden - Oh, yes she is!). I await the final casting list due out on Wednesday with eager anticipation.

Altogether now - "it's behind you!" No it's not, it's in February which means it's in front of us - huzzah! And what's more I think this gives another excuse to publish my favourite non-family related photo of all time - if we get half the fun this time, it'll be better than a barrel of monkeys.

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