Monday, December 20, 2010

The High Lord of Southwick is not at all dotty

The High Lord of Southwick has been in touch. He's very impressed with Cousin Dave's Snow BirdsI'll leave the rest to the High Lord himself.

"...[regarding] Cousin Dave's post modern snow ducks, which should be tastefully mounted on the kitchen wall, I wonder whether he could sculpt an ostrich, especially one in the process of laying an egg, into an ostrich sized nest, with daddy ostrich watching with paternal concern. 

Indeed it could all take place in an ostrich stable, because the ostrich inn was full of seagulls. & then a star came to shine over the ostrich stable & three wise guillemots came flying in to give little baby ostrich gifts of hemp seed, feather restorer & a neck warmer, for the more inclement months in an ostrich's life. 

And they shall call him King of Ostrich's & he shall lead them all out of the ostrich desert & bring them unto the ostrich god, that is called Ptarmigan & lives on the moors of Scotland, which is the ostrich promised land.
See you at New Year. Looking forward to it.
His Highest Lordliness,

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