Sunday, January 30, 2011

A New Word

I'm one of those people who's in two minds about the businessman-turned-Tory-MP-turned-broadcasting-phenomenon that is Gyles Brandreth.
He's one of those whom I know I shouldn't really enjoy listening to on the radio, but his stuff is something of a guilty pleasure.

This morning on Broadcasting House he did a piece about coining new words for the English language, as sent in by listeners. His (and my) favourite of the day was "parpogenic".

This word will become widely used in the MIllbrooker Towers' household.

It describes foodstuffs that have the quality of making one parp.

I think it would be safe to describe baked beans as parpogenic. Or brussels sprouts. Or real ale (not a foodstuff, but definitely parpogenic).

May I recommend you dropping the word into casual conversation at the earliest opportunity. For example, when next invited to a dinner party - "I'd love to come, will the main course be parpogenic?".

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Judith said...

That has brightened up my morning! I shall start to casually drop it into conversation.