Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Pilchards And the Rame Peninsula History Group

My goodness me, what a turn out!

The basement room of the Cawsand Congregational Church was packed to the rafters on Monday for Ron Smith's talk entitled Pilchards and Pallaces. The spelling is deliberate.
I didn't do a head count, but there must have been a hundred or more people crammed into the room, some slightly later arrivals being obliged to perch on tables upon the stage off on one side of the lecture area. 

And all to listen to a truly fascinating talk about the long lost pilchard fisheries and their workings. Ron Smith never claimed to be an authority on the subject (although his depth of knowledge was pretty impressive if you ask me) and thanked "Mr Google" for his help in compiling the lecture; he was, however, entertaining and very informative. Mrs The Millbrooker and I will be enjoying ourselves next time we have visitors, explaining to them all about why lots of walls have holes in them that are too high to have supported floor joists and too low to have supported ceiling beams.
I shan't try to analyse the whole evening, I shall merely recommend highly that anyone with the slightest curiosity about local history and heritage should head along to the Rame Peninsula History Group meetings. But get there early if you want a seat!

Thank you from the Daily(ish) Millbrook to Ron Smith for his hard work and to Frankenkeith for letting us know that these evening lectures are taking place.
The next one should be a real cracker, a full list of dates and subjects to be covered is available here.
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