Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Mysterious Erection In Millbrook

It was as long ago as last August that Mrs The Millbrooker made her mildly alarming suggestion that we equip ourselves with a tent.

Since that time the tent with which we did the bit of self-equipping has lain inside its bag completely undisturbed. One thing after another got in the way of putting the damned thing up in the late summer of last year and the weather has only just got to the point where such an exercise might be bearable this year.

Making use of Shazzeroneypoos' kind offer, we clambered up through the clouds to her abode  and the "flat" piece of garden that she'd said would be suitable for the task. Dong was in residence on the decking, so we disturbed his peace and started unfurling the big green beast.
It's been a good few years since I tried anything like this, and good few more than that since Mrs The Millbrooker had anything whatsoever to do with sleeping under nylon (it's not canvas these days, so I've learned).

But we got on with it and there was much pushing and grunting and the occasional muttered expletive.
Eventually the beast took form and made a vaguely tent-like shape. That's good, then.
There was a bit of very warm interior scrambling to be done, stretching myself into impossible angles to push toggles through elastic loops so the sleeping compartment was of an approximately correct configuration. Yes, that's my foot peeping out from under the fly-sheet.
Dong kindly provided much needed refreshment.
And, fifty minutes after we'd started, our new home-from-home-to-be was completely erected and ready to host an exploratory crawl about.
So, there we go - happy campers about to embark on a season of folk festivals starting with Upton on Seven on 29th April through to May 01st. Immediately followed by a night in our own bed before leaping into action for Millbrook's own Black Prince Day celebrations on Bank Holiday Monday 02nd.

If you're thinking of attending Black Prince Day, spare a thought for the sleepy looking Wreckers who will have all spent the previous few days travelling to and from and performing in the Midlands before coming out to play for your delectation and delight on the Bank Holiday. And some of them have had to learn about tents in double quick time as well.

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Anne Vening Adam said...

You mean you won't be in front of your telies watching the Royal Wedding...!!! Shame on you!!