Sunday, April 10, 2011

Shazzerooneypoos and the Big Do

Eagle-eyed readers, or indeed anyone who pays the slightest attention to these witterings, will have noted from the posting only a day or so ago that Shazzerooneypoos has reached her maiden half century.

Last night friends, relations, hangers-on, Millbrookians of most shapes and a considerable number of sizes gathered at the D&C to enjoy the occasion with everyone's favourite Auntie Sharon (unless you have an Auntie Sharon of your own for whom you have a preference, of course).

Here's a few photos of the event - there's not a lot I can write about it; it was a "do", we drank, we ate a delicious buffet, there was live music from a selection of the Lentils and a disco featuring music of a appropriate vintage (thanks, Beano).

Here's the trio of Lentils who entertained us royally in the earlier part of the evening. L-R we have Didds, Jo and Ross. Yes, dear readers, you have seen them on these pages before but in a different guise as Gorbag (Didds), Panto director (Jo) and panto-techie extraordinaire-cum-sometime-Freshly-Squeezed-frontman (Ross).
After the Lentils, Beano took to his accustomed spot behind the disco equipment.
Opening his DJ set with Whole Lotta Love (TOTP theme version) brought the birthday girl and The Sump onto the dance floor.
And Mud's Tiger Feet did much the same for Liability.
Shazzerooneypoos was presented with a marvellous and highly appropriate birthday cake.
Liability made the most impressive effort I've ever seen to win the Unflattering Photo of the Day Award, obviously jealous of her daughter's success earlier in the week.
And then, I guess, we'd better show a selection of "who was there" shots.....
Dong and Ian G:
Mr B (left) looked on as Shazzer enjoyed the band. Ashamed to say I don't know the fellow on the right's name, but I am impressed by his efforts in the Unflattering Photo of the Day Award competition.
Slocombe (right) showed his face in a fine and elegant manner. And Comb-Over (left) leaned over to offer his congratulations to Shazzerooneypoos.
Basil and Daphne occupied a corner and enjoyed a bevy or three.
And I think that's probably quite enough for now - of course there were lots of others in attendance; my apologies to anyone who feels left out by not having their photo on these pages on this occasion - mostly, it's because I'm being kind.

I'll leave you with a slightly blurry shot of our favourite new half-centurion after her brief thank you speech.
Thank you for inviting us, Shazzerooneypoos - what a great party it was.

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