Thursday, June 23, 2011

Yet More Dancing

Those of you who find that (and I quote) "a little morris goes a long way" might want to skip this post. Sorry - it's just that I appear to have developed a new blood group within my veins: blood group M.

The weekend just gone found Mrs The Millbrooker and me heading off to pitch tent in a sports field at Rosudgeon near Marazion (which, in turn, is near Penzance). We were to be the guests of the Carnkie Cloggers - a team of dancers celebrating their collective birthday by inviting several morris teams to dance the weekend away around some of south west Cornwall's famous landmarks.

'Twas a wet and windy day on Friday as we made our way on the iron horse from Liskeard to Penzance, but the weather kindly cleared enough by six o'clock-ish - in time for us to erect the tent without getting a soaking.
Mrs The Millbrooker lived in dread that, because the Wreckers were a bit short on numbers, she might be roped in to dance - unrehearsed, unprepared, unready and un-morrised. Luckily there was a fellow on hand who danced in braille to save her from this fate at the first dance spot, a chocolate factory where we were royally refreshed with saffron buns and coffee.
After that the assorted teams were whisked to the Lizard to dance by the lighthouse on the southernmost point of the UK. That was possibly the windiest dance spot since Black Prince Day on the Cleave. Then we were treated to a huge pasty lunch at the Witch Ball Inn in Lizard village.
From there our coaches wended through the Cornish lanes to the Roskilly Ice Cream farm for yet more dancing. And a cream tea. by this time, it should be admitted, we were already full of food - but we bravely munched out way through scones with cream and strawberry jam. Just to show willing, you understand.

The highlight came on the Sunday. After striking camp ready to return home in the afternoon, we made our way to Marazion and over the water to St Michael's Mount to dance around the harbour and then on the north terrace of the castle itself. Mrs The Millbrooker took on drumming duties, so there is a paucity of action shots; it's difficult to use a camera at the same time as bashing a drum.

Just occasionally I feel as if I've done something truly brilliant - dancing on the Mount was one of those things.

Right, time to have a transfusion and return my blood group to "W" for work - boo!

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