Wednesday, October 26, 2011

All Quiet on the Blog Front

I've been rather quiet the last few days (weeks?) on these pages.

Not to worry, oh faithful readers, I'm not abandoning the fine art of drivelling. It's just that I've taken up the pen and am resurrecting a project I began over a year ago.

It's being taken apart, re-written and re-assembled in a completely different way so that it starts to make some narrative sense.

All of which means that large amounts of my on-computer time is taken up with researching and writing what I now believe will finally become my next theatrical project.

With luck, I'll be able to give a debut performance in the late winter or early spring before (again, I hope) touring on-and-off throughout the summer. Everything seems to be dropping  into place, I just need to complete this (umpteenth) draft of the script and persuade one or two people who have skills that I lack to come aboard and we'll be off ...
 ... watch this space: I'm sure there'll be lots of self-promotional blurb to try and attract as many people as possible to one performance or another.

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