Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Cousin Neil Revival

Millbrook must brace itself for the arrival of yet another cousin of mine.

You might think that simply having a Cousin Dave would be quite enough cousin for anyone. And you might well have a point.

And yet there are, believe it or not, more of the cousinly ilk scattered around the locale (and some a tad further flung). Cousin Dave has a brace of brothers, one currently dwelling in St Budeaux who spends his days pottering around the Land Registry; one who lives near Scunthorpe who spends his days looking at womanly parts that one isn't supposed to look at unless you're a gynaecologist. Which he is, so that's alright then.

And then my dad's other brother begat Cousin Lynn and Cousin Neil. And it's Cousin Neil who is coming to see us along with his lovely partner Mim.

This is Cousin Neil partaking of a red tinged and highly favoured family pastime. You might also like to note the half of an Uncle Arthur (Cousin Neil's old man) on the left of the shot.
We've been on the low-level Christmas-card-each-year sort of terms with Neil and Mim for some years; you know how life has a habit of  being in the way. Too many things to do, too little time to spend gassing and drinking beer.

Cousin Neil decided after the most recent round of Christmas cards that it was high time to re-establish contact at a much better level than a hastily scrawled note once a year.

And so we found ourselves gathered just after Christmas at everyone's favourite pub for a chinwag and catch-up; Neil, Mim and their boys were staying nearby and it seemed too good an opportunity to miss. And it was.
Which brings us to the present. Neil and Mim will be arriving at Millbrooker Towers for a night of endless gasbagging and familial silliness this Saturday.

Do try to control your excitement in the cheap seats, will you?

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