Friday, January 27, 2012

Film Club Presents

After last week's rather excellent Mammuth (opinions did differ, I should say) we're staying in France for this week's presentation.

We are, however, heading back in time a little.

This week at the usual time and in the usual place (we're moving back upstairs the week after) we have Henri-Goerges Clouzot's 1955 film noir/horror/thriller Les Diaboliques.
An interesting factette shamelessly nicked from the invaluable IMdb website:

"The film is based on [the] novel 'Celle qui n'etait plus' (She Who Was no More). Alfred Hitchcock also attempted to buy the rights to this novel; Boileau and Narceiac (the novel's authors) subsequently wrote 'D'Entre le Morts' (From Among the Dead) especially for Hitchcock, who filmed it as Vertigo."

Hope to see all the usual suspects on Sunday evening.

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