Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Showing my Workings

This photo-a-day malarky is taking over.

Today's prompt is "under". Yesterday, I had no real idea of what to post or how to interpret this one. So I took my camera on the commute just to see if inspiration struck.

I took several shots that were possibles, and arguably moderately interesting; interesting enough for the readers in the cheap seats to waste a few moments over , anyway. So, rather than simply consign them to eternal obscurity I'll stick them up here, followed by the one that I actually decided to splurt onto fmsphotoaday on Facebook.

Under . . . . used / under . . . . repair

under . . . . here

under . . . . cultivation

under . . . . just "under"

under . . . . water

under . . . . strain

Looking at that wee collection of photos makes me realise that It's quite a nice commute I've got; give me the Rame Peninsula over the city anytime.

Anyway - onwards to the one I finally settled on which wasn't from my commute at all, I'll leave you to work it out for yourselves.

Under . . . .

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Judith said...

Ha! Very good.